Our roots

The Romagnoli brand was founded in 1968, an ambitious and bold project for its founder, Franco Romagnoli, who inherited a noble calling in footwear and has a genuine and pragmatic spirit.

Tenacity and responsibility. Courage and foresight. Franco Romagnoli is the pioneer of a completely innovative approach in the field of children's footwear. Artisan craftsmanship combined with refined details and a qualitative study of materials.

With a highly entrepreneurial personality, he helped the company advance. Thus beginning a story of widespread recognition and consensus that render it a leading brand in the industry on a global scale. The image of the tree with all the shows, chosen as the company logo, symbolises the spirit of a responsible and conscious company, and is the manifestation of a moral ethic applied to the world of production and business.

In 1997, at the height of his success, the company was suddenly deprived of its founder when in a tragic paragliding accident Franco Romagnoli passed away. Management of the company was immediately taken over by his children, whom with equal conviction, continued their father's project and brought further growth and prosperity to the company.

In 2003, Dr. Tonino Ciannavei joined the company’s management team and in 2005 formally took over Franco Romagnoli’s former position. Building on his broad experience and driven by a passion for "doing" and offering a creative and brilliant spirit, he immediately embraced Franco Romagnoli’s original design and decided to contribute to its production and completion.

Faced with an international market of aggressive new rules, but still remaining attentive todays’ needs and demands, Romagnoli retains its original characteristics, the very same ones that brought it success since 1968.

Our mission

From the very beginning, the company has taken on a decidedly handmade approach to production: a philosophy chosen and confirmed over the years with growing conviction, making the search for final product quality and excellence the main objectives to be pursued.

Selecting raw materials with care and attention, monitoring and analysing every stage of production according to strict protocols, studying new style trends keeping an eye on international design proposals: all of this provides a high quality product, easily recognizable for its uniqueness and personalization and inescapably focused on the care of the physiological well-being and comfort of the child's foot.

Quality and research, tradition and innovation, choices that have rewarded the company and enabled it to overcome the adverse economic conditions thanks to a corporate policy geared to offering the international market "a value-for-money product that is highly competitive and with high added value".

Shoes that are full of personality, very high profile, the result of a meticulous, obsessive and intense selection of colours and materials which must meet strict quality standards, and protocols inspired by well-being, comfort, as well as the most contemporary fashion trends. The craftsmanship of Romagnoli’s manufacturing, combined with a fresh and creative approach, makes the shoes worn by children a shining symbol of Made in Italy in the world.