The balance and harmony of shapes and sensations.
The first Romagnoli store, the brand's first truly personal and representative showcase, opened on September 4, 2011.
Lights, colors, scents, images. See, touch, feel. All of the beauty and sophistication of Romagnoli shoes is on display in a refined, elegant, and harmonious environment that exposes a lifestyle marked by carelessness and lightness, the added value taught to us by children.
An environment designed for the littlest ones, its principal points of reference.
A pilot project that is aimed at the creation of different stores that contribute to reinforcing and advertising the brand's image throughout the world. Through a solid retail network, what has always moved the company is immediately clear to the consumer - its philosophy and values as well as its design capabilities, potential, and creative value. A showcase of trends displaying the product proposals that can respond to the diverse needs of consumers and that speak of the company's history and mission.


The identified business model is that of "open formula" franchising, where the franchisor (ROMAGNOLI) provides all of the products to the AFFILIATE (partner) on consignment, giving the latter a % commission on the store's sales.

» Investment for the affiliate

  • Neither royalties nor entrance fees from the affiliate are planned.
  • ROMAGNOLI provides, at its own expense, the lay-out of the store. The AFFILIATE must bear the costs for software and hardware system, of furniture and of what is needed to adapt the store to make it complete and appropriate for the start of commercial activity.
  • The AFFILIATE organizes and supports, at its own expense, the remaining management of the store, including without limitation personnel costs and management, the leasing contract, utilities, routine and extraordinary maintenance, and advertising and promotion (to be shared at 50% with ROMAGNOLI).

» Advantages for the affiliate

  • LOCATION: ROMAGNOLI identifies, together with the AFFILIATE, the most appropriate location for the store's needs in terms of space, visibility and profitability; average sales space of about 60 m2 in a city with approximately 40,000 inhabitants.
  • TRAINING OF PERSONNEL: The AFFILIATE is required to have retail sales experience, though not necessarily in the same sector; the store's personnel will be trained before the opening and training internships are periodically organized in house.
  • ASSISTANCE: With its staff of qualified professionals, ROMAGNOLI provides assistance before and after the opening of your store. Area consultants and agents will be present periodically in the store. The training costs will be paid by the company.
  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Continuous telephonic help desk for affiliates during the hours of opening to the public.
    Available daily from 8.00 to 20.00.
The affiliate assumes, among others, the responsibility for the computerization of the store and the responsibility for theft, fire, and liability insurance.